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Darren Kirby is a Wisconsin native, having lived in numerous different cities throughout his life.  From a young age he loved to read, devouring such classics as The Hardy Boys series and, as he got older, branched out to Stephen King, John Grisham, and Tom Clancy.  Often he thought it would be a lot of fun to be a writer, but never imagined that he'd have the talent.


Fast-forward to 2008 when he and his wife were closing their coffee shop.  As luck would have it, a woman came in for the last author meet n' greet the shop hosted and she talked about getting a writer's critique group together.  Thinking it would be a good diversion while he sought a new job, he agreed to get the group going.  After a few years and numerous stories started (but not finished), he finally managed to finish his first short story, "Pins And Dolls".  After that he finished his first novel, "Coordinates For Murder", as well as his second short story, "The Ritual".  He is currently working on numerous other fiction titles.


Darren lives in a small community in northern Wisconsin with his wife of many years and 2 hilarious cats.  He loves talking writing and publishing, he's somewhat of a closet geek, and enjoys camping.  He encourages people to drop him a note on the Contact page.

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