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Pins And Dolls


Two friends. One trunk. A collection of old dolls. What could possibly go wrong?


When Andre shows his friend Kevin the old trunk that he bought at an auction, Kevin goes crazy over the price his friend paid for it. Realizing that it's only full of torn clothes and ratty dolls, they part company on unfriendly terms. Back at home, Andre and his girlfriend go through the contents more closely. The dolls aren't just any dolls, and what happens later was just an accident...wasn't it?

The Ritual


From the author of "Coordinates For Murder" comes a new tale of the bizarre...


You arrive back at your childhood home, intending on spending a nice weekend catching up with your father. Then the phone calls start, and your father refuses to talk about them. Strange men show up on his doorstep and argue with him. And then things get really weird when your father starts spinning yarns about a secret society. You think he's getting senile, but senile people don't stab their own children - do they? You'll find out the grisly details that have haunted your family for generations, but will you be taken in as well? It all depends on if you go through with The Ritual.

Two Inches of Revenge

Toys take a lot of abuse.  What happens when they've had enough?

Teenage Jerome has toys.  Lots of toys.  He's got so many toys that he's forgotten which ones he has.  But they're his, and he finds comfort in that ownership.  His mother doesn't quite see it that way, and when he leaves for his friend's house across the street, she siezes the opportunity to rummage through his closet and pack up some of them for a garage sale.


Little does she know that she's being watched.  She's been planning on this for a long time now, but she's not the only ones that has plans.  Will she get rid of the old toys, or will they get their revenge?


After nearly a year of searching, Jill finally finds her dream car: a rusty, beat up 1967 Buick Skylark. Not the car that most girls have in mind, but for Jill, it's her fantasy car, both to drive and to fix up.

After delivery and while checking out the car in more detail, she gets a shock from a shorted wire in the electrical system. But that's not the only shock, as she starts hearing a young voice coming through the old AM radio during a coming storm. The voice begs her to come and save him, and she knows where he is, but how can he talk with her through the radio?

I liked it - never was able to figure out how it was going to end...

Early reviewer

A Push Too Far

High school parties – it's almost a rite of passage, especially when you're in your senior year. It was no different for Julie, who gets invited to a Fall party, probably the last outdoor party of the year. After a series of questions (you know what boys are like!), her mother, Susan, allows her to go. At the party, all is going well, laughs are had, beer is consumed...and then the unthinkable happens.


The police perform an investigation on Julie's death, but nothing comes up amiss. Susan is struggling to move on, but the holidays don't make things any easier. Then she gets a text from an unknown number. The person claims to know what happened, and that it wasn't an accident. Can they be believed? If so, what does that mean for Susan? And what does it mean for the other people at the party that day?

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