Book Coaching Clients

Below are some of the book clients that I have had the privilege to help coach.  Let me do the same for you!  Contact me today so we can get started on your amazing book!

"Darren was immensely helpful as we navigated the sometimes complicated world of self-publishing for the first time. His advice and steady guidance, along with his support and encouragement, enabled us to successfully launch our book on deadline. We highly recommend Darren and his services to other authors."

~Laura Tiebert

"Thank you very much, Darren. It was fantastic to work with you and we consider you a friend and supporter as well as trusted counselor."

~Alex Hahn

"Darren was referred to me by my editor and filled a hole I didn't realize I had. His knowledge and experience on CreateSpace and Amazon gave me the confidence I needed going into the launch. He was always responsive to my questions and even followed up when he hadn't heard from me in a while. It was great knowing someone was there when things came up. Darren really gave me peace of mind throughout the process."

~Lauren Holder

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