Sometimes They Scream


Be Prepared To Lose Sleep Tonight...


This collection of five very different stories will find you checking behind doors and leaving a light on at night.  “frequency” features a 1967 Buick Skylark and an eerie young voice coming from the old radio asking for help.  Jill knows where he is, but will she get there in time?  “The Ritual” introduces you to a father and son who share a family secret, but the son doesn't know it...yet.  He'll find out soon enough when his father has a heart attack in the basement, and the stoic men in black suits with red ties show up.  In “A Push Too Far”, Susan needs to come to terms with the loss of her only daughter, Julie, and her ex-husband is not helping.  Then she starts receiving anonymous texts.  Was it an accident?  How far will she go to learn the truth, and what will she do if she finds out?  “Two Inches of Revenge” tells the story of a group of toys that aren't going to sit idly by while their owner's mother plots to get rid of them.  She's been planning for a day like today, but so have the toys.  And in “Pins And Dolls”, Andre lets the heat of the moment get to him and he overpays at an auction for an old trunk.  After having been given the business by his friend, he goes home dejected.  His girlfriend cheers him up, and while pulling things out of the old trunk, they discover old voodoo dolls.  This is Andre's chance to have a little fun with his friend...


BONUS!  Includes the first chapter of “Coordinates For Murder”, a thrilling geocache mystery.


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