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What Is Book Coaching?

You've got the perfect idea for a book.  Maybe it's a memoir about your time in the military, or perhaps you have years of experience in a certain discipline that is being underserved by current books, or you have a killer story line for your novel.  Regardless of your situation, the thing that you need is some help in guiding you in what to do.  Navigating the indie publishing landscape can be daunting, and what you need is an expert who has seen it all.  As a coaching client, I can help you in the following areas:


Story Crafting

Book Design

Interior Layout

Cover Design



Series Continuity


Social Media


Most importantly, I will help you avoid the landmines that even seasoned indie publishers get tripped up on.  Don't leave your project up to chance, ensure your hard work pays off like you want it to.  I've published both fiction and non-fiction books, and they are not handled the same.  What works for one book could be completely wrong for the next book.  Let me help you bring your vision to life!

Why Work With Darren?

First, there are a LOT of people out there who claiming to be book coaches.  But in reality, they developed a particular system and are selling you on this system.  It doesn't matter that their system is geared for fiction, but you are writing non-fiction.  It doesn't matter that their system is for romance, but you're writing science fiction.  They are trying to shoehorn you into a system that may or may not work for your unique needs.

Not only that, but how many books has this person actually written AND indie published?  How long ago was their most recent book published?  Where does it rank on Amazon?  The truth is, most of the book coaches you'll encounter have written and published 1, maybe even 2 books.  And that one book has a rank in the MILLIONS on Amazon, not in the ten thousands or thousands.  What sort of track record is that?

I'm different than the rest.  I've written AND indie published in both fiction and non-fiction.  I've released books in all forms of consumption that readers want:  print, ebook and audiobook.  I've published over a dozen and a half titles, and I'm still an active writer and publisher who enjoys the process.  And while I'll never claim to have reached #1 on list (though I keep trying!), I do have consistent sales and decent rankings for my books.  In short, I will be your partner along side you, helping to guide you to the destination of a completed book and helping to tell the world about it.

Your book is unique.  Don't just settle for a system, and don't let an amateur, wanna-be writer convince you that they know what to do when they barely understand the process themselves.  You deserve experience and dedication on your side.  You deserve to know about all of the pitfalls BEFORE you get stuck in them.  Your book deserves the best, and so do you.  Don't wait, contact me today to schedule your FREE consultation session to see if I'm the right fit for you!

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